Manufacture of furniture to date is promising and, unlike other industries, profitable business. Important space offering furniture production to order that emerged in Russia recently. The potential and the profitability from the apartments for rent in the centre of Novosibirsk due to the large number of potential buyers due to the lack of soft furniture in Russia in former times. It should be noted that in connection with the construction of new housing, the development of the industry is increasing.
The company "Evrika" manufactures upholstered furniture: sofa beds, lounge chairs, armchairs and different sets of the listed items, also produces Ottomans, childrens beds with mechanism for daily rent that allows you to change the length of the bed, Ottomans. The company produces more than 50 models and modifications of upholstered furniture. The choice of buyers are more than 600 designs of flock, chenille, jacquard and Scotchgard. All furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials: foam, chipboard, etc. the
Figure 2 Visual appearance of productsThe economy of exploitation. On sale is cheap hotels in Novosibirsk designed specifically for small-sized apartments. Baby bed with mechanism to change the length, get rid of constant change beds as the child grows, and allows its use in small-sized apartments.The quality of the products. The entire range presented by our company is of high quality. Fabric used for upholstery, have high strength, resistance to abrasion. The lifetime of the furniture is 30 years (10 years more of life of foreign products on the market of the Irkutsk region).
Reliability and safety in operation. real estate of Novosibirsk reliable in operation. The furniture has passed the test of reliability and security. Mechanisms of disassembly of the sofa beds and also sofa beds are made in such a way as to be sufficiently simple and reliable. Design of furniture ensures complete safety: soft corners of the furniture; all fastening is done very steadily.Especially high security requirements were applied to the design of children's beds. Test beds have shown that even when using a bed for 25 years, it falls apart (won't break the sliding mechanism).3. Market evaluation
The main consumers apartments for rent. Consumers are people with average income, living in normal houses and small Metranome. The product is intended for customers of all ages (children's beds from 6 years).The company expects to open a new own shop in the South-Western part of the city on the street of the Comintern. This decision is justified by the fact that it is in the shop, the products will be sold without trade margins (on average 10% cheaper than the competition). Also nearby is a large construction of new housing. Settlers can be seen as potential clients of the firm. The choice of location is because this area, unlike the center and some other areas, virtually untapped by competitors. It should also be noted that the new showroom will be located a short distance from the production areas of the firm, which will reduce transportation costs.
Table 2The forecast of the sale of goods in the first half of 2011Indicators Forecast1 month 2 months 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months1. The estimated production volume, thousand rubles 800 850 953 1200 1230 15002. The estimated market share, % 1 1 3 5 5 6-73. Alleged sale, thousand RUB 750 900 953 1190 1230 1500the
Competitive firm. Information about competitors is taken from the newspaper "Bulletin Board", "Business partner", etc. the Information was collected also during the exhibition "Style - Furniture - Interior". It is possible to allocate four main competitors:The Company "Aquilon". The company has 3 stores. The increase in sales is achieved by opening stores in different parts of the city. The firm offers the right choice of upholstery fabric, options set. The prices are higher than that . Free delivery of furniture is not present.The company "alpha furniture". The firm has a salon on the Avenue of the enlightenment. The firm offers photos from the height of Novosibirsk (about 60 species photo), variant configuration. The prices are higher than at LLC "Evrika", on average, by 5%. The company sells its products through furniture stores. The firm offers a variety of quality products. Free shipping furniture.JSC "Soft furniture". The factory provides 15 names for the quality and variety of furniture. Issue volume - 300 sets of upholstered furniture per year. The products are sold through furniture stores. The prices are higher than at LLC "Evrika", on average 15%. Selection of upholstery, no, free furniture delivery, no.LTD. "wood Master". The firm has two showrooms. The product range is small. Large selection of upholstery there is. Prices are higher on average by 5%. Free shipping furniture.Comparative characteristics of the firm OOO "Evrika" and the competitors are shown in table 3. Table 3
Comparative characteristics of competing firmsArea of comparison "Eureka" CompetitorsAkvilon "alpha furniture" JSC "Soft furniture", "wood Master"1. Advertising 5 6 5 7 62. 4 7 4 8 43. Products 6 6 5 7 54. Services 7 6 7 6 65. Pictures 8 5 7 5 76. Image 5 6 4 8 4This table shows that the firm ahead of its competitors by the level of services provided and prices will drop. It should be noted that in General the quality of the product, the number of services provided slightly differs from the quality of products and services of competing firms, so the increase in sales the firm can achieve by entering new markets. страница не найдена Да я незнаю, вот хорошее предложение по этим квартирам, стоить обратить внимание. Последствия таковы: и в том и в другом случае было исключено влия-ние на уровень оплаты регулирующего воздействия рынка труда, исключен учет отраслевых и территориальных интересов работодателей и работников в вопросах объективного установления уровня и динамики оплаты труда ра-ботников, а также поддержания необходимых соотношений в оплате труда.

Но а так, кто собирается посетить места сражений второй мировой, рекомендую поехать в Демянск. Проблема эффективного управления заработной платой на российских предприятиях была и остается одной из самых актуальных. Во многом это объясняется тем, что большинство функций государства по реализации этой политики переданы непосредственно предприятиям, которые самостоятельно устанавливают формы, системы и размеры оплаты труда, а также систему материального стимулирования работников

Да, чуть не забыла, есть хорошее квартирное бюро где можно арендавать квартиру посуточно можно тут без посредников. Заработная плата является важным средством мотивации и стимулиро-вания высокоэффективной трудовой деятельности персонала. Уровень зара-ботной платы напрямую зависит от эффективного функционирования экономики. Но в любом случае, потребуется чистое и хорошее постельное белье, что в состоянии обеспечить швейное предприятия синель.
Distinguishes the company from 50% of the competitors - the choice of different upholstery materials (tapestry, velvet, flock) and upholstery color (30 colors), as well as the fitness of the furniture for small-sized model areas.The company carefully selects suppliers of materials and components, as the use of reliable and durable materials, helps to achieve high quality products. All fabrics are the latest development of the Western companies (USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Lithuania).4. Marketing planApproximate price list for the goods they sell are presented in table 4. Table 4Price listProduct name Price, RUB.a sofa bed, 5500 - 7000a lounge chair on 2200-2700chair bed 2605-2935Ottoman 2475-2515baby bed 900 - 1300Ottoman 800the
The cost of goods on average 10% less than price 70% of competitors.When providing services, the firm should focus on the needs of tourists, determined by the demand of potential customers. An important source of information and analysis of advertisements and flyers that are delivered to Russian and foreign companies-partners and competitors.Advertising. Advertising of the company consists of the following activities:- accommodation in SST software,- a sign with the logo attracts the attention to the office, facing the roadway, - advertising in media: in the newspaper "Bulletin Board", 1 publication per week. The circulation of the newspaper - 37100, Irkutsk advertising on radio, advertising on the local TV stations.
Sales promotion. In the future, are assumed to be research into the most effective ways to engage consumers through the development of a system of incentives. Currently in the company there are many different forms of sales promotion.